Siberia to Sydney – album launch

Siberia to Sydney – album launch

When: 9pm Saturday, 5 March, 2016 Where: Tilley’s Devine Cafe About the album World renowned concert pianist and winner of the Sydney International Piano Competition Konstantin Shamray will launch his new album “Siberia to Sydney” at Tilley Devine’s cafe in Canberra on 5 March. The album of works composed by Canberra’s Peter Gelling is literally […]

Shuffle Variations

The shuffle is probably the most important rhythm in blues. Almost everyone knows how to play the classic two string shuffle used by everyone from Robert Johnson to ACDC. But when you dig a bit deeper into the blues, it’s the subtle variations in the rhythms that keeps things interesting and makes people want to […]

Styles of the Greats: Lightnin’ Hopkins

Let’s take a look at the playing style of Lightnin’ Hopkins, one of the originators of Texas blues. His style often alternates between rhythm and lead within a single verse and is well suited to everything from solo acoustic playing to a whole band. Lightnin’ himself played both acoustic and electric, and was a big […]

Digging into the blues

Open Position E Blues scale (With Extension) Apart from the common moveable pentatonic and blues scale forms, many Blues licks make use of the open position Blues scale and its extension, particularly in the key of E as shown below. The following solo is derived from this scale. It is based on ideas from the […]

Recording Yourself

A great way to keep track of your progress on the guitar or any other instrument is to record yourself regularly. This is also a good way to build a repertoire of songs or instrumentals. In ordinary practice sessions, we tend to focus more on technical skill building activities like picking, note bending, improvising, playing […]

Styles of the Greats: BB King

One of the best ways to develop your playing is to study the masters. Today we’ll look at BB King, one of the original blues legends and a true innovator of the electric guitar. BB really knows how to get the most out of a few notes. His solos may only contain five or six […]

Finding Your Own Voice

When you hear a great Blues player for the first time, what is it that makes you stop what you’re doing and zero in on the sound? You may initially be struck by the tone, the tonality or the rhythm but it’s usually the way the notes are being expressed that draws us in. The […]