Blind Freddy – Digital Download

AUD $10.00

Blind Freddy was recorded in 1995 and was Peter’s first full length album. A combination of original Blues and unusual treatments of classics like Hendrix’ Voodoo Chile. Features Peter Gelling on Guitar and Harmonica. Vocals by Linda Hansen, Keyboards by Bridie King and Fraser Brown, Bass – Brian Taylor with Tim Spellman on drums.


  1. Voodoo Child (preview)
  2. Cry to me
  3. The answer
  4. I’d rather go blind
  5. If it wasn’t for the blues
  6. Play this record backwards
  7. I ought to be ashamed
  8. Hope aint enough
  9. I’m gonna live the life I sing about in my song
  10. Cleaning woman
  11. The welfare
  12. Byron Bound preview
  13. Drinking Song