Fortune – Digital Download

AUD $10.00

Fortune was released in 2003. Featuring great vocals by Doug Williams and superb musicianship by Peter Gelling on Guitar, Keyboards, Bass, Harmonica, loops, etc. Recorded partly in Sydney at Electric Avenue studios and partly in Adelaide at Krell studios, Fortune is strongly rooted in the Blues but covers a lot of sonic territory. It is a marriage of traditional blues and modern sounds, including atmospheric soundscapes. Intense but with a touch of humour and lots of great blues guitar.


  1. Eleanor Rigby
  2. If it wasn’t for the blues
  3. Mary don’t you weep
  4. Bird on a wire
  5. Nobody’s fault but mine
  6. Home on th egrange
  7. Strong Medicine
  8. Too late
  9. No tomorrow
  10. Tell me Blues
  11. Five wheel drive
  12. There but for Fortune