Reviews: Bluestime

Aria-nominated in the year 2000.

Peter’s first solo release. Recorded partly in Adelaide, partly in Sydney, mixed at Electric Avenue, and mastered at Studio 301. Peter composed all but two of the tracks, wrote all the arrangements, and played guitar, bass, harmonica, keyboards and vocals, ably supported by guest appearances from some of Adelaide and Sydney’s best blues musicians. Of particular note was “Echoes”, featuring the voices of American blues legend Howlin’ Wolf and modern performer Margie Evans, as each reminisced about the blues and what it meant to them.


When I sat down to listen to Bluestime, what poured from the speakers blew me away. I’ve listened to it a million times already and when I’ve worn it out, I’ll go get another copy. I never want to be without this outstanding record … It’s impossible to fault this album. The instrumental ‘Blues For Otto’ almost had this old cynic weeping … Peter’s treatment of James Oden’s “Going’ Down Slow” is simply superb … An authentic masterpiece which no blues fan can afford to ignore … On a scale of one to ten, this magnificent album scores a twelve.

‘Big’ Mike Hotz, Rhythms, November 1999.

The opening title track hits hard, sizzling harmonica and guitar riffs in what I consider to be one of the hottest instrumentals to open a CD … In a real treat “Echoes” not only features solid bass lines and soulful guitar lines, but also monologues by the legendary Howlin’ Wolf and also Margie Evans. The way Peter has incorporated these monologues is nothing short of outstanding.

Mark ‘Radar’ Watson, Mr Blues website, 25 August 1999

Peter Gelling demands and commands your attention … there is no denying that this man thrills.

Lee Howard, Herald Sun, September 19, 1999.

Pretty damn good!

Phillip Adams, Late Night Live, ABC Radio, September 1999.