Reviews: It Seemed Like a Dream

Peter Gelling and Neal Pattman – 2001

Featuring Peter on guitar and American blues man Neal Pattman on vocals and harmonica. Neal was 70 years old, straight out of Georgia, and touring Australia – and the world – for the very first time when this live session was recorded. With a heritage that goes back to the cotton fields of the deep south, Neal learnt the blues from his father. At the age of nine he lost an arm in a threshing machine, but that didn’t stop him playing the blues. Seventy years on he’s a local legend in Georgia, where he still lives and performs, and is increasingly recognised around the world, from Ireland to Iceland to Japan and even Australia, which he toured as part of a “Living Legends” promotion in the early 90’s.


Gelling’s deep understanding of the blues and his obvious musical talent enabled him to create a comfortable environment for this wonderful singer … the standard of performance on the album is such that highlights can be found on virtually every track … [and] all work beautifully in this unrehearsed, live and totally refreshing format of lightly amplified electric guitar, harmonica and voice.

Billy Pinnell of Working Dog Pty/Ltd (cf Frontline, The Panel, The Castle, and  The Dish) for Rhythms magazine, July, 2001

… a rare live moment … each song has a unique rustic flavour that shines out from the talents that these two musicians present.

Mark ‘Radar’ Watson, Mr Blues website

Gelling’s foresight in seeking the session and the instant melding of two wonderfully complementary talents offer us a musical session bordering on the magical.

Michael Foster, the Canberra Times16/7/01.