Reviews: Progressive Blues Lead Guitar Licks

After years of just mucking around with guitar, and going through a few tutorial books on blues guitar, it was wonderful to come across Peter Gelling’s books. I’ve been using his Blues Guitar Licks book for a few months now, and try out the licks with some mates who have a jam at my place each week. Peter’s book is better than any others I’ve tried, as it puts the licks into a context … Highly recommended by one who feels his playing has improved a lot.

Reviewer: Dr. Barry York Canberra, Australia January 1, 2002

Superb starting point … If you have some knowledge of the guitar, you can play the chords, you’re learning your scales, but you don’t know where to get started with playing lead, this book is probably the best place to start I know of. You start out learning some very simple little licks, and then after you’ve learned a few, you find them strung together into a 12-bar blues – and suddenly, miraculously, for maybe 20 seconds, you find that you can actually play lead guitar! How cool is that?  … And there is PLENTY to learn … In fact, this book would be worth at least twice what they’re charging for it.

Reviewer: d_nuttle from West Dundee, IL United States 1/6/2001

Peter’s books are all very good … He is a guitarist’s guitarist without being a purist about it … Even though I’ve been playing for almost 30 years, Peter had some nice new tricks for me. Highly recommended.

Reviewer: P Berge from Taipei, Taiwan 4/5/1999